Our Process.

1. Initial Consult

Whether by phone or email, we’ll answer your questions and ask a few of our own to ensure we get to know your vision as thoroughly as possible.

2. Financials

Once we have a solid understanding of the scope of your project, we’ll be able to supply a quote or offer details of what can be achieved within your proposed budget.

3. Plans and designs

With pricings confirmed, it will be time to draw up plans and discuss the specifics of your design. This is when the fun begins and you can see your home start to come to life.

4. Council approves

After the design and plans have been properly engineered and agreed upon, it will be time to submit a Development Application to the council. This can be a timely process, but our expertise will make it as swift as possible.

5. Keys presented

After months imagining the big day, it will finally appear. Your new home will be handed over to fill with treasures and memories. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaning this day will be a celebration for all involved.

Quality and guarantee

We know there’s a smorgasbord of choice when it comes to choosing a builder. Here are just a few of the reasons that hundreds of clients have entrusted us.

Quality craftsmanship

Construction is in our DNA, and quality is our top priority. When you build through Rome, quality craftsmanship is a certainty, from the shiny exterior down to the internal door joins that no one will ever see.

Easy communication

Despite the many hours we spend on the tools, being readily available on phone and e-mail is something we prioritise. We understand what a huge investment your home is, and make sure our communication respects the importance of the task at hand.


Thanks to our many years of experience constructing homes, we have our schedules and timelines ironed out to the hour. We allow time for all possibilities so that the handover date is always what we promised it would be.

Some of our recent work