The Benefits Of Building On A Sloping Block

Land comes in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and elevations. While, in many instances, flat land is preferred to sloping blocks when it comes to building a property, sloping blocks and elevated areas can offer a range of unique benefits which flat landscape does not.

With the right sloping site builders, you can get the most out of a sloping block and create an appealing and innovative property which makes the most out of its positioning. So, what are the benefits which come with this three metre rise or fall across the building area? Let us take a look.

The Benefits Of Building On A Sloping Site

Views From The Top Are Maximised

No matter which way your block slopes, professional sloping site builders can work with the shape of your block and orientation of the property in a way that maximises your views of the land down below and to bring the most sunlight into your home.

Elevation Creates Levels; Levels Maximise Space

A sloping site provides a unique opportunity to maximise the space you have in your home regardless of the size of the building site. Sloping sites are the perfect seating for building a home vertically with multiple levels – a house which boasts an area for a carport, basement, attic and additional rooms. Unlike flat building sites, properties on elevations enjoy the luxury of vertical expansion rather than being limited horizontally.

Creative Design And Innovation

A sloping block allows property owners, and their builders, to be innovative when it comes to designing their home. Properties built on sloping blocks generally enjoy higher ceilings which is a soughtafter upgrade for most architectural fans and home developers.

Solid Foundations To Rest Your Head On

Sloping blocks can provide a rocksolid, safe and secure foundation by using split level concrete options to accommodate for your slope. Building into the landscape, properties on sloping blocks offer more stability than those build on flat surfaces.

To enjoy all these benefits as well as saving costs on excavation and enjoying a more customised home, you’ll need to hire in the right sloping block builders to get the job done right.

How To Choose The Right Sloping Site Builder?

  • If you want your sloping site project to be a success, choosing the right professional builder is a crucial factor. You are going to want to choose sloping site builders that have experience in a project similar to yours and have the case studies to prove it. Not all builders have expertise or resources in this particular field, so be sure to research and do background checks to ensure your chosen builder will be able to deliver.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the sloping site builders that you are considering hiring about their past projects, team and experience. Check online as well as their website for testimonials and reviews.
  • The cost is a significant factor in your overall build, and you will want to use builders that are affordable yet do not compromise on quality in any way. The right sloping site builder provides upfront quotes and remains transparent when it comes to costs and financial expectations.
  • Check if the sloping site builder is a custom builder or a volume better. Volume builders usually design homes that are better suited to flat sites, and if you had to choose a volume builder, you would most probably have to have your entire floor plan redesigned. Most volume builders will recommend removing the slope instead of altering the whole floor plan, and this can work out to be very costly. A good custom home builder is often the better way to go as they should have experience with a variety of different types of builds, including building on a sloping site.
  • The right builder will also have all the equipment, resources and man labour to be able to handle all that is required when building property on such slopes.
  • The best thing you can do is some research and look into all of your options before making the big decision of what builders you choose for your sloping site.
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