Split Level Homes for Sloping Sites

Your dream home should be just the way you want it regardless of how your block is shaped or sized. However, not every builder can deliver that promise, especially when your site is narrow and sloping.

Why build on a tight sloping block you may ask? Some people prefer the neighbourhood, it might be the prefect suburb close to school and work, or perhaps it’s the views. No matter what the reason is, you can still build your perfect home on a difficult site. The key is finding the right builder who specialises in split level homes.

There are also special considerations:

Small lot codes and restrictions imposed by the Brisbane City Council

Many builders will claim it is too difficult to build within the small lot code where the site is a two-storey zone. However, a specialist builder can creatively design a three split level home within the guidelines. Rome has recently delivered a project on a tight, sloping block – Grace Base – where we were able to design a garage in the basement area while building two living areas and bedrooms above. In addition, we were able to provide a flat entry into the garage directly from the driveway, the only home on the street that can do so.

Possible undermining of neighbouring homes

Working on a tight lot can also pose challenges on the undermining of neighbouring homes, and requires careful engineering to ensure existing retaining walls are not compromised. One thing you are likely to encounter on sloping small lot code is the need for sheet piling and retention of neighbouring foundations due to possible undermining. Sheet piling requires special machinery to produce 1m wide x 3m in height iron sheets that are 30mm thick, therefore it is important to take into consideration this extra cost within the budget.

Site optimisation

While sloping blocks poses several challenges, there are also certain benefits and potential capabilities which can be optimised for your home. Your split-level home can be designed to maximise natural airflow, ventilation, and sunlight. There is opportunity to use the slope to your advantage by creating storage, additional living areas, basement, or garage at the bottom level, while accentuating views on the above levels.

It is important to engage a builder who is knowledgeable on how to deliver a quality, split-level home. Rome is highly experienced in this area, check out our Grace Base project and Virya in Paddington. Both are extremely difficult sloping sites that other builders have turned down. However, Rome’s team confidently took on the challenge and delivered excellent homes with secure foundations, space maximisation, and successful results.

If you’re considering a sloping block Split Level Homes build in Brisbane & Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Tight sites… Big visions… Unreal outcomes – that’s our promise to you.

Split-Level Homes for Sloping Sites