Raise and Lift in Hawthorn

Raise and Lift in Hawthorn

This raise-and-lift rebuild project, based in an older area of Brisbane, Hawthorn, falling under the Brisbane city council’s requirement for City Plan.

Heritage and Character Buildings

Reflecting the best of Australian architecture and Brisbane’s local history, heritage and character buildings are protected in order to maintain the architectural characteristics of older suburbs. City Plan outlines the development requirements, which also include ren-ovations, demolitions and removal.

Keeping in line with the character of the original building, and working with the owners and architect who developed new plans, Rome took on this project, which required de-molishing the lower level and lifting the home, while keeping the façade.

Queenslander Homes

For over 100 years, the traditional Queenslander architectural design has focused on providing maximum comfort while being energy efficient. Nowadays, newer homes are also required to perform an energy assessment and achieve a minimum energy rating.

An assessment predicts how much energy will be required to cool or heat a dwelling to maintain comfort based on the thermal performance of the structure, and the rating is determined by the design of the building shell including its roof, walls, windows, and floors.

Depending on various design features, the type and amount of insulation may differ be-tween areas and homes, and some walls may need more insulation of a higher R-value than others.

Factors consist of:

  • Living room orientation to the north
  • minimising east and west-facing windows/ walls
  • windows and doors for natural ventilation
  • eaves and awnings for shading
  • well-designed outdoor living areas

This project will be an energy-efficient refurbished and modernised Queenslander home packed with beautiful features that reflect the traditional character while adding a touch of contemporary luxury. The process includes:

  • Raising, Restumping and extending the home
  • Removing earth underneath for the installation of a new pool
  • Pouring a concrete slab under the raised structure to create a lower level
  • Strip the existing home back to a façade and construct a two-storey house with bedrooms above with main living, kitchen, dining areas below

Other Special Features:

  •  Timber French oak high-level floors
  • Curved internal walls with internal panelling
  • Integrated Indoor/outdoor entertaining
  • Full height tiling
  • Custom made cabinetry
  • Scissor trusses on the back patio to create a raking height ceiling
  •  Travertine tiles around the alfresco and pool area

Here at Rome, we are a boutique building company specialising in luxurious home builds and masterful renovations. We embrace a state of continuous evolution; our projects are a meticulous blend of traditional and contemporary, such as this raise-and-lift Queens-lander project.

Nothing is too challenging for us. We are renowned for our passion for taking on compli-cated and intricate builds and coming up with innovative and striking designs no matter what shape, size, or type of build you are after.

Let your home build be one that you have happy memories right from the start before the first pour of concrete! Get in touch with our team for an obligation-free chat today: (07) 5580 6944