Nirvana – Paradise in Palm Beach

We are excited to announce one of our latest new residential project, Nirvana, right on the beautiful coastline of the Palm Beach, Gold Coast.

This project is designed and constructed on a 412m2 site along the Gold Coast highway in a medium-density residential area, with a range of unique architectural features and street appeal suited to the luxurious, oceanfront, Palm Beach lifestyle.

The fresh new residence is to replace an existing house which is to be demolished, along with site retaining walls, driveway and crossover. As a sloping block on sand foundations, this involved intricate planning in consultation with geotechnical engineers right from the start, given that the sand foundation has been classified as unstable for excavation.

Site classification, earthworks and foundation recommendations will be adhered to with retaining wall design parameters to ensure neighbouring properties are in no way, at risk.
The challenging aspects of this site also required specialist design consultants for advice on building to specifications and meeting council requirements.

We will construct our exciting new project as a multi-level build including a ground floor, first floor, second floor and a rooftop terrace. In line with a bright and sunny beachfront lifestyle, it features a luxurious Mediterranean feel with key elements such as:

  • curved external walls
  • curves staircases internally
  • 80mm stone benchtops
  • internal and external archways
  • floating overhead shelves in the kitchen
  • planter boxes installed at the front of the house with resilient plants
  • draping vines over the building
  • entirely above the ground pool
  • open roof terrace

Our Nirvana project, built with simplicity in mind, will be a seamless connection from the indoors to outdoors. This Mediterranean architecture will most certainly maximise street appeal along Palm Beach and Gold Coast highway, presenting distinctive charm and clas-sic beauty right here on the coastline.

Rome is a boutique building company specialising in luxurious new homes and masterful renovations. We are renowned for our distinctive and striking designs, time-tested craftsmanship and genuine enthusiasm to projects of all shapes and sizes. No challenge is too difficult for us to build; we are also specialists in sloping, narrow, challenging blocks of all foundational types.

If you’re looking for an award-winning Gold Coast Builder to work with and plan your new home build in the Palm Beach area, look no further than Rome. Our excellent cus-tomer service, attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship will ensure that you will have a unique, custom-designed luxury home that exceeds your expectations and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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