Logistics of a Difficult Site Build – Paddington, Brisbane Case Study

When it comes to building on a challenging site, choosing the right builder is critical to a smooth process and a successful outcome. While there is a myriad of builders claiming to be skilful and may even offer a seemingly better price, not all builders are experienced with sites that are difficult to build on, potentially causing extended delays and budget blow out.

Our team at Rome has been working on a build that was on a narrow, sloping block with limited access. Let’s examine this case study to highlight the importance of experience and expertise required in the successful constructing of this home.


This build came to us an architect-designed 3 level home with plans for a sloping block. The contract started in mid-November 2019 and immediately we were faced with a very tight timeframe, considering a large amount of earthwork required to remove 450 cubic metres for the basement and with Christmas approaching.

In addition to being a sloping site, the difficulty is further amplified as the design and construction reached right into the boundary of the neighbours, which potentially posed an issue of leaving the property exposed over the wet holiday period.

The basement was cut straight away so that retaining walls were in place to stabilise the site before Christmas and to avoid any neighbouring concerns.


With virtually no access on either side of the narrow block, council approval was required for traffic control, allowing construction trucks and cranes to enter the site with the entire street being closed off.

We required a highly coordinated schedule involving the pouring of concrete, frame and truss delivery, and strategic placing of the frames around the block given very tight and limited access. Careful attention was also required with regards to overhead powerlines and staging of the structural steel installation to allow for frame installation without obstruction.

Project management

In order to progress with construction in a seamless and timely manner, our team managed and staged each trade to complete their jobs for each portion of the build, to ensure that one trade does not complete a job which will be in the way before another trade, especially given the restrictive access to the site. We strategically began with the top and back of the slope, firstly installing the swimming pool, then working our way down towards the street front.

The owners were also fully informed for the entire duration of the construction process and were briefed on the progress to ensure that they were happy with the project.


Thanks for over 50 years of experience in construction, the team at Rome had the schedules and timelines ironed out to the hour. We allowed time for all possibilities so that the progress of the project was smooth, and as what we promised it would be.

We included variable allowances such as traffic control costs in this case, and this was explained clearly to the clients upfront. Often, we hear stories of frustration in which the prices appear seemingly better at first glance, but unexpected variation costs are then added onto the quote.

When you sign up for a home built by Rome, you are engaging a reliable and trustworthy builder. As difficult site builders in Brisbane, we have the experience and expertise to handle the challenges that come and ensure that you will have a home on time and within budget.

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