Belivah – Contemporary Project for First Home Buyers

Here at Rome Design and Construct, we love to take on a challenge no matter what shape or size. Recently we showcased our expertise in building on a sloping block, and the logistics of a difficult site build. Currently, we are in the process of completing a new contemporary project, Belivah.

Belivah features three prototypes as a set of two-storey homes in the Beenleigh area, offering modern architectural homes for those looking into entering the first home buyer’s market.

Architectural Features highlighted in these homes include:

Polished concrete floors

Polished concrete has become a popular and on-trend flooring option in recent years with many benefits. Not only are polished concrete floors stylish and aesthetically pleasing with an added touch of luxury, but they are also highly durable, sanitary, versatile and easy to maintain.

Contemporary Hamptons style

The Hampton style is highly preferred for its iconic design and is a timeless favourite with a flair of elegance. The Belivah set of homes are designed to exude class and sophistication while characterised by a balance of natural, traditional as well as modern elements.

Off-form faux concrete

Another increasingly popular architectural feature, off-form faux concrete is not only impressive and fashionable but can also greatly enhance a home. Design opportunities are endless with the ability to replicate the visual appearance of natural-looking materials such as timber and stone.

For many first home buyers, the challenge is often finding a home that goes above the ‘standard’ plans without breaking the bank. A typical project home builder will price up to 400% in markups when additional, or ‘extra’ architectural features are included, making it out of reach for many first homeowners.

Rome has partnered with the architect to deliver this designer project for those wanting to own anarchitectural home without the price tag.

We are boutique build specialists renowned for our unique, striking designs and masterful craftsmanship. We apply our genuine enthusiasm to this challenge in delivering a set of architectural homes that are affordable to first home buyers.

Rome‘s expertise and dedication is also the reason why we are the recent proud winners of two awards:

Our award-winning Freyr, boasting a level of quality and exuding luxury, is a statement of unique craftsmanship and architectural strength. The Belivah project will be further testimony to our commitment to excellence.

Get in touch with Rome to find out more about Belivah or chat with our team about your dream home ideas today!